Call for Phase 2 Clinical trial

CuraVac is ready for a phase 2b demonstration of efficacy with CV-MG02, an even more potent formulation of the MG Therapeutic Vaccine CV-MG01. We already have half the financing, and we are now looking for the other half. If you want to help us and be part of this demonstration of efficacy, please contact us.

Stephane's Story

How I came to develop and use the Therapeutic Vaccine for Myasthenia Gravis.

Stephane's Story (short version)

More than 25 years in less than 50 seconds

Therapeutic Vaccines Explained

A 3 minute explanation of therapeutic vaccines for autoimmune diseases

Phase 2 clinical trial (short version)

A very brief description of how the phase 2b clinical trial can demonstrate efficacy of our MG Therapeutic Vaccine candidate.

Carlos' testimony

A patient’s testimony and point of view on our work.

The struggles of living with MG

What it means to live with Myasthenia Gravis and the side effects of the disease and its treatments in 30 seconds.

Self-Trial of Autoimmune Vaccine

Why I decided to test the first version of the MG Therapeutic Vaccine on myself and continue its development for all patients.  

Professor Blalock’s revolutionary discovery

How research of a molecular theory lead to therapeutic vaccines for autoimmune diseases.

The story of a discovery and its development

An explanation of the concept of therapeutic vaccines, why they can work in humans, what it means to manufacture a human formulation, and why we are raising funds.

Why should you invest ?

What we are doing and why we need your help

Clinical Trials: on to Phase 2

Why we developed a stronger formulation for the Phase 2b Clinical Trial.

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