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Since its creation CuraVac received the support of generous Individuals or Organizations to reach our common goal of a world without MG and other autoimmune diseases. In total we received more than $600,000 from generous donators that helped us to reach our common goal.

If you want to participate in this great endeavor, please do not hesitate to follow one of the donation links at the top of the page to directly and securely donate through Paypal or to contact us.

In both 2003 and 2005 we received two $100,000 donations from the Garden State Chapter (previously the Myasthenia Gravis New jersey State Chapter). We will forever be grateful for their generosity and clairvoyance.
Thanks to their seed donations, we were able to channel €18 million to reach our common goal : a world without MG and ultimately without other autoimmune diseases.
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