Investors in CuraVac invest in a privately held company for the belief they share with all our existing shareholders that our developments for therapeutic vaccines can at the same time bring a wonderful therapeutic breakthrough to patients and be financially rewarding.

Since the beginning of the project, each time we were faced with questions or objections we searched and found an independently proven answer.  In doing so, we developed a network of expertise and collaboration around us.  This organization as a management company in the center of a competence network is our strength allowing us at the same time to function with the minimum infrastructure and fixed costs and benefitting of the best world experts in the field.

We were able to manufacture the MG therapeutic vaccine following human GLP/GMP guidelines, to write a clinical investigation protocol, to conduct an independent feasibility study, to obtain orphan drug designation in Europe and in the USA and to create a consortium including a reference University Medical Center in Europe to conduct a clinical trial of the MG therapeutic vaccine.

We were also able to demonstrate that in the USA, Europe and Japan alone there are more than 250,000 diagnosed MG patients with an unmet medical need and that on average these countries spend more than $30,000 per patient each year on maintenance therapy alone.

By selling a cure at the price of a yearly maintenance therapy, this represents a market of minimum of $7.5 billion for an easily reachable niche market.

CuraVac finds and optimizes financing but most of all identifies, reduces or even suppresses the risks associated with developing a revolutionary therapeutic approach so as to guarantee the benefits for the patients and maximize the return on investments for the investors.

With Myasterix we removed all management and operation risks and as 80% of the developments for the next 5 years are subsidized, greatly reduced the financial risks too.

The orphan drug designation gives access to reduced fees and fast track procedure at the EMA and FDA, allows us to benefit of a 10 year protection after Market Authorization and gives right to 50% tax credit on top of the usual tax deduction for individuals or companies investing in the development of our therapeutic vaccine project.

If you share our goals and hopes, do not hesitate to contact us.